Jun 20, 2022

How to set your company up for success with the hybrid model

Although the hybrid workplace model is increasingly becoming the way to go in the future, not every company is properly equipped to have success with this model.

A survey of 5,043 employee respondents by Mckinsey found 63% of employees prefer to work in a hybrid model or fully remote post-pandemic. According to another research by LeadershipIQ, most workers would like to work from home 3-4 days per week (39%) or 1-2 days per week (29%).

Employees prefer hybrid working because it provides a better work-life balance. Although some employers remain uncertain about the productivity of employees working from home or hybrid, a growing number of employers are embracing hybrid strategies in an effort to attract talent and increase retention. With the uptick in hybrid working comes an increase in coworking spaces which can save companies thousands of dollars.

Although the hybrid workplace model is increasingly becoming the way to go in the future, not every company is properly equipped to have success with this model.

Technology is paramount when making the transition to the hybrid workplace model.

This is why integrating Flowscape solutions is a viable solution in adopting this model.

Flowscape streamlines several processes that set companies up for success with the hybrid model.

Workplace scheduling

The benefit of the hybrid workplace model is that workers can schedule desks. By alternating spaces companies can save thousands of dollars on office space as the coworking space model is adopted. Flowscape offers convenient products that help workers book desks, like sensors, which allow the process to become seamless.

Parking Spot Booking

Streamlining the commute process is essential to creating a fluid hybrid workplace model. As many companies lean into leasing coworking spaces it is essential to have an adequate number of parking spots for the employees booked to work on any given day.

Flowscape’s parking booking feature allows employees to arrive in a timely fashion to their work day without a hassle, also saving companies money on size and scale of office and parking.

Pet Booking

One of the most important elements of the pandemic was the acquisition of pets on behalf of workers across the world. These companions have operated to increase productivity of many employees and many workers are now insisting that they be able to bring their pets into the workplace. The pandemic has forced many companies to become pet friendly, and Flowscape solutions has a tool for this.

By integrating the Flowscape solutions pet booking feature, companies can mitigate creating a zoo and satisfy the needs of their employees at the same time. Overall, implementing this tool can guarantee employee satisfaction.

Conference Room Booking

Many of us know that meetings are best held in person. Still, there is no need for an excessive amount of conference rooms at larger scale companies with the help of Flowscape solutions. Flowscape solutions has a sensor that marks rooms as occupied once they are full, blocking them off for all other booking capabilities. Allowing conference rooms to be booked in advance and on site allows for a smoother workflow for all involved.


Flowscape solutions offers kiosks for all booking necessities. Kiosks can be placed anywhere throughout the workplace to streamline all booking needs to streamline and optimize the hybrid work experience.

By integrating Flowscape solutions your company will be set up for success as it transitions to the hybrid workplace model!

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