Oct 21, 2021

Flowscape win new space management solution orders in Oceania

Woman using the Wayfinding app to easier find her way to the booked conference room in her office

A large global customer expand its installation in Australia and New Zealand. The space management solution is optimized to manage the return to office and the new hybrid way of working when employees will continue to work several days a week from home. The total order value in the first year is 830,000 SEK and thereafter 240,000 SEK annually.

“Many companies let their employees return to the offices and we see an increasing demand for our solutions. The increase is mainly driven by the need for efficient solutions for the new hybrid way of working, where employees can plan their week at the office together and as an example book workplaces next to each other on the days they are in the office. The fact that employees work out of the office for 2-3 days a week increase the demand on digital solutions for this hybrid way of working as well as how to optimize the office space. Flowscape has been working with this customer for several years and we work very closely together with their office development and need for digital solutions. Discussions are ongoing about broadening our delivery.” says Peter Reigo, CEO and founder.

The customer already have Flowscape's solution installed in several offices in Australia and New Zealand and are now expand their installation to another office in Auckland and expand their installation in Brisbane. The installation includes delivery of a complete system with both hardware, software and configuration.

For additional information, please contact

Peter Reigo, CEO at Flowscape
Cellphone: +46 (0) 70 942 4687
E-mail: peter.reigo@flowscapesolutions.com

About Flowscape Technology AB

Flowscape is a Prop-Tech company with a world-leading solution for social distancing in the office, optimization of office space and a more efficient workday. The solution uses the latest IoT sensors and indoor positioning technology to create a state of the art SaaS solution for smart offices. The main function, Flowmap, gives companies an overview of the office and enables them to quickly find rooms, desks, office equipment and colleagues as well as analysis of the use of the spaces. Flowscape also has a communication tool for efficient geo fence specific communication to people in a building or people within an area in the event of a crisis. Flowscape has offices in Stockholm (headquarters), Sofia, San Francisco and London.

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