Mar 11, 2022

Hybrid working is on the rise: Flowscape wins new deals in the UK

Woman looking at a space management analytics software from a computer.

Flowscape's Hyrbid office solution wins new customers in the UK. The good order intake in recent weeks shows an increased interest in smart office solutions. The total order value in the first year of these contracts is GBP 36,170 (SEK 460,000) and after that GBP 17,220 (SEK 218,600) in annually recurring SaaS revenue.

"Flowscape's offering is very strong, and we currently win over half of the deals in the UK. Our smart solution for the new hybrid office is ideal now when the offices once again is filled with employees. Our customers say that their employees will continue to work two to three days a week from home and that both the company and the employees are asking for a solution that will help in this change. Flowscapes' innovative solution for hot desking, attendance planning and office analytics are the most frequently asked for. We have really managed to pinpoint what both the companies and their employees need to succeed with the transformation to the flexible way of working." Says Jack Greensted, Head of UK & Ireland, Flowscape

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