Desk Management

Book Desks upon arrival or in advance, analyze desk usage and reduce facility costs. We provide an end-to-end solution with Software, Sensors and Busy Lights.

Desk Booking

Our Desk booking solution can be accessed through a PC’s browser, smartphone app or a kiosk screen. Desks can be booked either in advance or upon arrival in the office, just select the date and click on your chosen desk on the Flowmap to book it. We have an easy-to-use colour scheme to show the status of desks, green for available, red for booked, and grey for non-bookable desks.

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Hot Desking

If you want to facilitate desk occupation without booking, hardware presence sensors, such as our unique USB desk dongle or Presence sensors could be installed. If you take an available seat upon arrival, the desk will show as red on the Flowmap and it will change to green when you vacate the desk. If a desk dongle is installed, your name will show on the Flowmap, which facilitates colleague finding if they haven’t pre-booked a desk.

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Fixed Desks

With our Desk Management solution, you can permanently reserve a desk to a specific employee, which will show as red on the Flowmap. This is usually requested when someone has specific equipment installed at their desk or they require a particular desk set-up.

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Other Capabilities

The solution allows you to book desks on behalf of others, which is useful for arranging team collaboration sessions, for booking desks for guests, and for administrative staff to book for senior management. These booking rules can be configured in the Flowscape admin portal. You can specify which desks can be booked on behalf of others, and you can also specify who can book desks on behalf of others.

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Want to know more?

We have a brochure that describes our solution in detail, read it here.

Flowscape's desk management solution can also be used to ensure social distancing, conduct contact tracing and produce reports of used desks to cleaning staff.
For more information, please read more here.

For Managers and Property owners

A Scalable and Adaptable Solution

You are able to create your office space freely by selecting between bookable desks, ad-hoc desks, team desks and blocked desks. We also present more advanced management functions like designating specific zones for different departments. Flowscape's desk management system can also be integrated with your existing IT systems. Read more here.

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Fault Reporting

You can use the fault reporting feature to instantly create support requests. Using the mobile app, you can create a fault report with a few clicks with the option to attach a picture. The report is automatically routed to your chosen destination and a visual reminder will be displayed on the map to alert other users about the issue until it is resolved.

Housekeeper Report issue

Sanitization reports

Facilities can generate daily ‘used desk’ lists for the cleaning staff, so that they can ensure appropriate sanitization of these desks. You can also generate these reports mid-day if half-day desk bookings are permitted. Employees can also raise an adhoc cleaning request using the Housekeeper function.

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Desk Analytics

The analytics portal includes data, graphs and reports on desk bookings and desk utilization. You can analyze the statistics over any time period to make informed decisions about desk deployment in any zone or on any floor. You can also download the data in CSV format to undertake analysis offline.

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Key functionalities


The Flowmap is an interactive 3D map of the office and the foundation of the mobile and desktop app.

Book from

Book your desk from the desktop or mobile app. Use the search function by entering what features you need to locate a desk, or simply press on the desired desk on the map to book it.

Visual confirmation of availability

Available desk are green on the map, while booked or occupied once are red.

Flexible bookings

Book desks both in advance or upon arrival. The system is flexible, and you can decide how long in advance a desk can be booked or only allow bookings made upon arrival.


The built-in wayfinder in the mobile app and desktop app guides you to the booked desk.

Colleague finder

To find a colleague to talk to or to book a desk close to them, search for their name in Flowscape's built-in colleague finder. Choose if you want to be visible and you can whenever turn invisible again. People in certain zones, for example bathrooms, can always be invisible.

Delivered hardware to make it possible

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