Nov 23, 2023

5 Benefits of Having a Desk Booking System

Blog post about 5 Benefits of Having a Desk Booking System

When work processes are optimized, people go to work with a sense of autonomy and satisfaction. Motivation stems from great colleagues, innovative technology, and functional office spaces. In the modern workplace, employees can switch freely between comfortable home offices and office desks, often with the assistance of a desk booking system. Curious to know more? We have identified the 5 most significant benefits of a desk booking system.

What is desk booking?

Desk booking systems have surged in popularity over the past few years, driven by the pandemic. The hybrid working model has, more or less, become the norm in many companies, with the home office emerging as a serious contender to the physical office. Desk booking has made it easier to switch between these two options.

A desk booking system enables employees and teams to reserve vacant desks in advance, which is practical when the number of seats in the hybrid office is reduced. For space and office managers, it becomes easier to optimize office space and design functional work areas.

Employees appreciate being able to find a suitable workspace for the day with a seamless desk booking system. As a bonus, they can choose desks equipped with the right technical devices, such as dual screens and ergonomic chairs. Video cameras and headphones are essential for enhancing communication with remote colleagues. Office managers also have the opportunity to restrict access to certain desks for specific departments and spaces.

Desk booking systems are typically managed through an app, allowing employees to reserve a desk on the go or the night before. This strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and predictability. Let's distill the new workplace solution into five clear and concise benefits.

1. Increased understanding of workplace ecosystem

Due to hybrid work arrangements, the workplace ecosystem is more complex than ever. Founders and workplace management have been grappling with the challenge of optimizing office space, as employees increasingly prefer to work from both home and the office.

Companies do recognize the significance of maintaining an appealing workplace by providing flexible solutions for their talented workforce. Space managers have become valuable assets when it comes to planning office layouts and analyzing space occupancy and utilization.

Desk booking software collects data

Thanks to the desk booking system, occupancy data is collected, allowing a space manager to analyze it. Real-time and historical data provide a comprehensive overview, which can serve as the foundation for future office planning. Renting an office is expensive, and cost savings are necessary. At the same time, it's crucial to make a strong impression on potential clients and stand out in the crowd with a flagship office building. A stylish office is an extension of the company's brand and offers a venue for collaboration and networking.

When every inch of the building is optimized, unnecessary overhead real estate costs will decrease, including reduced expenses for heating, electricity, and maintenance.

2. Increased creativity 

Most people are accustomed to booking a hotel room and enjoying the novelty and excitement of staying in a different place. Just imagine the feeling of checking in, trying out the bed, and unpacking your clothes. It's quite inspiring, isn't it? The entire hotel room experience is synonymous with a refreshing change of scenery, and later, returning home feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Desk booking is quite similar in the sense that it can ignite creativity and motivation. Employees can switch desks more easily and choose their preferred office space for the day. The different spaces align with their goals for the week, depending on their tasks. People have the opportunity to interact with colleagues they don't typically engage with and get their creative juices flowing.

3. A collaborative work environment

Psychological safety is often mentioned as one of the less well-known factors for increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

The term 'psychological safety' was coined by Harvard professor Amy Edmondson in 1999 and refers to employees feeling secure enough at work to express their opinions without the fear of bullying or repercussions. The idea is to openly share creative ideas and be receptive to feedback as a means of improvement, rather than as a power struggle. A friendly corporate culture encourages people to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them.

Thanks to inviting spaces where employees can meet and brainstorm, teams can build stronger bonds, and ideas can be expressed more freely. People don't isolate themselves in silos but instead meet in person to avoid misunderstandings. A practical example would be offering the possibility to book meeting rooms for smaller teams and providing open spaces where employees can gather and mingle.

Another option is to set up desks for fast-track bookings, allowing employees to meet whenever they need to, rather than working in isolation on separate floors. This arrangement is commonly referred to as 'hot desking.'

This solution becomes even more critical when there are departments with conflicting interests. When employees can exchange ideas and connect, the chances of increased collaboration are higher.

4. Attract and keep top talent

New generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, are gradually becoming the majority in the workplace. A significant number of them prefer coming to the office to connect with colleagues and concentrate on their tasks. However, they also appreciate having other options, such as working from home or dropping by the local coffee shop for a latte while tackling some heavy-duty Excel calculations.

Many of the top talents in the workforce would prefer to work for a company with a flexible work environment. A desk booking system simplifies their work life and allows everyone to embrace the hybrid work model.

Work-life balance and greater flexibility

A flexible schedule is perfect for busy parents with kids who have activities and school commitments, as well as for active DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) who maintain a wide circle of friends and want to continue learning and growing in their field. Work-life balance is in full swing.

If you value ambitious and loyal workers, a flexible desk booking software is a powerful tool in your arsenal. It provides a perfect opportunity to outperform the competition and drive company innovation.

5. Stay agile

Past events have taught us that several factors can quickly challenge the status quo. During the pandemic, companies were compelled to confront reality and discover new, innovative ways to enhance safety and stability.

Companies have the opportunity to scale up or down more easily when they have greater control over the office layout. This enables them to plan ahead for new hires and meet employee demands, whether for more private spaces or open, collaborative venues.

A few examples of agile office planning:

  • Moving desks closer together or rearranging them in a new way.
  • Installing or removing glass walls to create new spaces.
  • Increasing the number of shared workspaces.
  • Repurposing unused space.
  • Sourcing suitable office resources such as IT equipment and office apparel.
  • Purchasing office furniture for different purposes.

With the help of a desk booking system, these different layouts can be implemented. This means that new spaces can be reserved for various purposes, such as team meetings, mini-conferences, or client briefings. Even when layouts and the number of desks are changed, everyone will still have access to an interactive map in the desk booking app. Employees can view a floor plan with real-time updates on movements. At Flowscape, we are dedicated to creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies the workday with just a few clicks.

Optimize office space with a desk booking software

Have you considered hot desking or repurposing available space? If you aim to maximize your office's potential, flexible booking ensures that employees discover spaces they enjoy.

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