Dec 17, 2023

How To Choose a Desk Booking System: Avoid Apples-to-Oranges Comparisons

Blog post about How to Choose a Desk Booking system

Today's workforce is increasingly diverse, with employees hailing from various backgrounds and harboring different aspirations. Different generations often come together within the same company, but misunderstandings can arise when people have differing work styles. Some prefer to work in solitude, while others thrive on frequent collaboration, creating challenges for businesses. In this article, we will delve into the concept of a flexible office and how a desk booking system can facilitate a hybrid work model. We'll explore how it works and the essential features that businesses need to implement it effectively.

Why transition to a Hybrid Workspace Model?

Employees can either make or break business success. To attract highly skilled professionals with the right mindset, it's essential to create a workplace tailored to everyone's needs. This includes establishing the right work processes, setting clear goals and expectations, and creating an inspiring and collaborative office environment.

Another crucial step is to offer employees flexibility and autonomy. Employees who are trusted and encouraged tend to feel more motivated, which, in turn, drives company growth.

The hybrid workspace is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of employees. It allows them to work both in the office and from home.

Meeting the demands of the modern workforce

Since the pandemic, a significant number of employees have discovered that working remotely not only frees up valuable time but also enhances work-life balance. It allows for more flexible work schedules, making school drop-offs a breeze and enabling employees to tap into their full potential.

Some companies have opted for a remote-first approach to attract professionals with specific skill sets, such as programmers and analysts. However, there are limitations, as certain tasks necessitate physical presence in the workplace. Industries like hospitality and healthcare may be hesitant to embrace the hybrid work model.

So, how do you implement this new work model when fewer people are present in the office? In general, there are many benefits for companies that rely on flexible desk booking, which we will delve into in the next paragraph.

Why you need an effective desk booking system?

With many employees working remotely or in a hybrid fashion, planning the office layout and determining the appropriate number of desks can be challenging. Space managers must calculate the right desk ratio while dealing with fluctuating occupancy rates and rising rental costs.

There are several reasons why a desk booking system is the most favorable solution. Let's delve into them!

Creating a hybrid office based on data insights

Firstly, insights are crucial when shaping the ideal business environment. Knowing which spaces and desks are consistently occupied on a daily or monthly basis enables you to design the most effective office layout.

The objective is not only to provide the ultimate workspaces but also to determine if the entire workplace is appropriately sized. Rising real estate costs and fluctuating occupancy rates can lead businesses to pay more for office space than originally intended.

Occupancy data is valuable for space and office managers seeking to adhere to a budget. For instance, if they discover many empty desks on the second floor, one option might be to redesign the space to maximize its utilization.

Mindful spending in the workplace

Reducing wasted space not only results in lower overhead costs but also has environmental benefits, as it leads to reduced energy consumption. It encourages more mindful use of disposable products and cleaning supplies within the office.

Understanding desk booking solutions

A desk booking system is a crucial component of the hybrid workplace and is typically designed to provide two options:

  • Hot desking: hot desks can be reserved quickly just for the day or a few hours
  • Office hoteling: desk reservation for a longer time period

It is in the best interest of every business to select a desk booking system that supports a flexible seating model. Before getting started with a desk booking platform, several factors must be taken into consideration, including the number of employees, office layout, and work tasks, among others.

Key features to look for in a desk booking software

When deciding which desk booking solution to use, several factors should be taken into consideration.

Desk booking made easy with an app

Many people prefer flexibility in choosing their workspace for the day, which is why a desk booking app is essential. It removes barriers and provides an easier way to have an overview of all bookings. Employees can reserve a desk or a room in just a few seconds and prepare for their day.

It's also perfect for coordinating your workday with colleagues, especially when collaborating on the same project. In addition to desk booking, it should be simple to cancel a desk reservation or create a recurring booking in a specific workspace.

As mentioned earlier, employees often have different requirements depending on their tasks for the day. When they can search for their ideal desk with their preferred tools and setups, they are likely to be more satisfied with their office work environment. When people can find exactly what they need, productivity and motivation increase.

In addition to reserving specific desks, it's also a good idea to cluster desks together into what we call "neighborhoods." Several colleagues can work in the same area, closer together. This way, they won't have to spend time searching for each other.

Get a 360 view of your workplace

An app that displays a map of every single desk and workspace comes in very handy. It can also show real-time movements within the building and indicate desk availability.

With this app, you can identify which areas to avoid at any given time and plan your day accordingly. This includes lunchrooms, crowded hallways, and restrooms. New employees and guests can find out who to meet and where. Space managers can analyze booking patterns and make improvements.

Additional features that take the flexibility of desk booking to the next level include auto-release. This means that a desk that remains unoccupied within a certain time frame becomes available automatically. It solves the issue of no-shows and frees up desk space for other employees.

Training as the key to successful implementation

Don't leave your employees hanging! When implementing the hybrid work model and a mobile app solution, it's essential to provide employees with a proper introduction and training. Some employees will quickly adapt to the new system, while others may be more skeptical, especially if they've had previous experiences with technical solutions that caused more trouble than intended.

During the training sessions, it's crucial to make a strong effort to emphasize the advantages of the new desk booking system and how it will benefit everyone in the long run. The purpose of the app is to offer a user-friendly solution that streamlines everyone's workday.

Integration with other existing software programs is also a significant benefit and should be included in the training. If it seamlessly integrates with other trusted programs like Teams or Outlook, people are less hesitant to start using it, and it won't be perceived as a separate entity.

Supporting the hybrid workplace model

In addition to setting up organized desks, it's also crucial to offer various types of workspaces. Some may be smaller, catering to just a few individuals, promoting focused tasks and enhanced collaboration. For neurodiverse employees, a quiet zone would be ideal. With fewer distractions, their productivity can increase significantly.

A blend of open and closed spaces is an ideal solution. A lounge area is perfect for networking and welcoming guests, while meeting rooms are ideal for team huddles or training sessions. A collaboration hub is designed to bring remote and hybrid workers together, fostering a space for them to ignite their creative ideas.

Effortlessly manage your hybrid workplace

Searching for the holy grail of workspace management? While there's no one-size-fits-all solution, a desk booking system comes closest to perfection. Especially if you aim to enhance the daily lives of your employees.

Seeking guidance on how to set up your hybrid office for success?

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