Dec 10, 2021

Flowscape wins business in Singapore with global corporation

woman holding up her phone and making a dek booking from flowscape's smartphone app, man sitting in a chair blurred in the background.

Another global company is selecting Flowscapes world-leading Space Management solution to support the new hybrid way of working. This time it is a French multinational company, which is among the world's 500 largest companies, that decided for Flowscape Smart office solution for its head office in Singapore. The order value in the first year is USD 22,000 (SEK 200,000) and thereafter USD 9,930 (SEK 90,000) yearly recurring revenue.

The customer has chosen Flowscape's smart office solution for desk booking, meeting room booking and room displays including USB desk sensors and Room sensors for automatic check-in and statistics.

“We are very pleased that this company, after extensive evaluation, chose Flowscape as the best smart office solution. This order is for the company's head office in Singapore, but the company has several hundred offices and the potential is very large. We could in the most competitive way match the customer's requirements. Our attractive, easy-to-use user interface, innovative solution and ability to deliver both hardware and software globally were crucial” says Peter Reigo CEO and Founder, Flowscape

The customer is rebuilding its head office in Singapore to better match the new hybrid approach. Their 180 employees will access 40 individual workplaces, 20 small unbookable rooms and 15 bookable rooms, as well as a number of collaboration areas. The individual workstations will be booked automatically using Flowscape's smart USB Desk sensor. If utilization rates at the office grow high, the customer can introduce desk booking for guaranteed seating. The unbookable rooms, which will mainly be used for teams meetings, will be equipped with a sensor for automatic check-in and status visualisation on the office map.  

All the bookable rooms will be able to be booked via Flowscape's various interfaces including room displays, smart phone app and web-apps.  The customer will via Flowscape's analysis tool have daily access to statistics on how the office is used. This becomes very important now with only 40 individual desks for 180 employees.  

 The customer is a multinational French company with over 70,000 employees

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