Mar 3, 2022

Flowscape wins several space management deals when US market opens up

The US is now starting to open up the society after the pandemic and Flowscape has won several American space management deals in recent weeks. The customers searched for a smart office solution to support them in the transition to the new hybrid way of working. The total value the first year for these orders are USD 53,200 (517,000 SEK) and thereafter USD 19,800 (192,000 SEK) annually recurring SaaS revenue.

"The pandemic now seems to come to an end and we see clear signs that American companies are starting to open up their offices and switching to the new hybrid way of working. I hear from customers that their employees will continue to work from home two to three days a week. To make this work, the companies need a solution where employees can plan their presence in the office, book work desks and analyze how the office is used. For this, Flowscape have the strongest solution in the American market. Last year we did a large number of demos for potential customers, but only a fifth of them decided to implement a solution and we won over half of these contracts. The main reason why the others didn’t make a decision was that their offices were not opened during the year. Now, many of these potential customers are coming back to us and are ready to make a decision. This makes me hopeful that we will see an increase in orders the coming months.” says Magnus Arildsson, head of North America, Flowscape

The orders are for installations in San Francisco, Portland, Irvine, San Diego and New York.

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