May 20, 2021

A beginners Guide to Desk Hoteling

Picture of an open and modern office space environment with available desks.

Are you currently looking at re-opening your office, and simultaneously seeking to reduce office space? Then Desk Hoteling might just be the solution for you. Activity-based working environments are seen as the future model to adapt to flexible and remote working and with that comes an increase in office layout demands. Desk Hoteling is the solution that bridges the gap between office space reduction and employee satisfaction.

What is Desk Hoteling?

Desk Hoteling refers to desks in an office space that are shared between employees. Desks are not assigned to a specific user but can be booked in advance via a booking system. Just like booking a hotel room, you book a desk at your office to use it. Desk Hoteling is often compared to Hot desking or Fixed seating which are the other two main desk types adapted by companies. You can read more about Desk Management Terminology here.

Just like the name suggests, Desk hoteling shares a lot of similarities with staying at a hotel. Rooms are most commonly booked in advance over the internet by filtering on requested characteristics, for example location, price, size, or resources available. When the date for travel arrives, you check-in via the reception and the room is then enjoyed until the booking time is up and the next guest arrives.

Desk Hoteling follows the same logic. In contrast to fixed seating, “Hotel desks” are shared between different people and are bookable just as the hotel room. By using a booking app for Desk Hoteling, employees can filter for their requested characteristics and book desks in advance, and then utilize the desk during their booked time.  

What are the benefits with Desk hoteling?

For open offices, activity-based offices or Flexible working environments, Desk Hoteling is not only beneficial but crucial to enable smooth daily operations and employee security. In offices where fixed seating is no longer sustainable, the number of employees often surpasses the number of desks, which means that employees can arrive to an office with all desks occupied. Desk Hoteling ensures that employees can effectively plan their days at the office.

Desk Hoteling also allows colleagues to find each other and plan collaboration. When a booking is made, the colleagues name becomes visible on a 3D map, showing their location to colleagues that might need to ask quick questions, fetch papers or perform other tasks. Enabling effective colleague finding is the number one step towards creating a seamless open office experience.

Overall, Desk Hoteling is the system that enables your employees to enjoy the flexibility of free seating, but at the same time giving them the ability to book or reserve desks in advance to make sure that they have the seat they want. 

How Desk Hoteling can be integrated to your office

Desk Hoteling can be managed with Flowscape’s Flowmap and desks can be booked in advance. Flowscape’s Desk Management solution also have more functions that can be beneficial for your business, Learn more about it here. For expert guidance on how it should be implemented at your office, contact our consultants for personalized suggestions.

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