Nov 8, 2023

Maximizing Workspace Efficiency with Desk Management Software

Blog post about Maximizing Workspace Efficiency with Desk Management Software

Have you considered transforming the workplace into a smart office? With the rising popularity of the hybrid work model, employees are seeking flexible desk booking and collaborative spaces. Desk management software gathers valuable data for analyzing office space utilization. Here are some of the most important takeaways on the topic.

Why is workspace management important?

If you are looking to enhance various aspects of your organization, consider putting workspace management on your list. It involves strategic office planning and tools that improve workflows and employee satisfaction. After all, employees are the company’s most important asset.

First and foremost, workspace management increases workplace productivity. Employees can embrace a more flexible working style since it becomes easier to find a workspace of their choice. When employees can gather in different meeting rooms to collaborate, creativity will increase.

Additionally, a hybrid team with members who work both remotely and in the office will appreciate the possibility of finding a preferred desk for the day. They might not meet their in-office colleagues every day, but they should have the opportunity to plan and schedule in advance when they do.

Improved office management

With workspace management, you can ensure that the office environment is safe and clean. Maintenance is carried out regularly, allowing people to avoid crowded spaces and messy desks. Desk hotelling means that employees move to different desks regularly. Therefore, it is important to clean spaces frequently. After COVID-19, people have become more aware of hygiene and prefer surfaces that are sanitized regularly.

Due to the pandemic, most companies have realized the importance of dealing with a dynamic workforce. With workspace management, office managers are well-prepared if occupancy rates go down. They can rethink the office layout when the business decides to scale up or down.

Desk booking in the flexible office

Desk booking software is one of the building blocks of the flexible office. It allows employees to book a preferred desk in an app. Managers can limit access to certain office spaces if needed. The tool has plenty of helpful features, and everyone can use it with ease.

Since there are only a limited number of workspaces in an office building, desk booking software comes in handy. Usually, a mix of different seating is available. There might only be three meeting rooms, 20 desks, and one conference room. The office is typically a mixed bag of permanently assigned seats and designated spaces. Someone who wants to focus on deep work should not be able to book a whole conference room, for instance

Streamlined desk usage

To avoid overbooking, it is possible to set up different rules in the app. Perhaps people are only allowed to reserve a desk three days in advance or book a certain number of seats, with a maximum of three days per week. These policies decrease misunderstandings and strike a balance between flexibility and predictability.

By implementing check-in procedures, the processes are streamlined. If employees haven't started using the desk 30 minutes after the original check-in time, it will be auto-released and up for grabs.

Should employees decide to leave before the session has ended, a desk sensor will be activated. The desk will appear as vacant in the system again after a certain amount of time. This ensures that no office space is wasted, and that people commit to their plans.

Set the scene for hybrid work

It is a good idea to set up standard policies when launching new desk booking software. Technology is helpful, but common courtesy in the workplace makes life so much easier for everyone involved. Here are some guidelines:

  • Employees should respect reservations and not switch to a different seat without booking it first.
  • Make sure to check the app regularly to get an overview and to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Only book a desk when you actually need it.
  • Leave the desk as you found it: tidy and organized. Don’t forget to take your personal belongings with you.
  • Avoid being loud around other co-workers and refrain from private conversations and bringing in smelly lunch boxes.

Calendar integration simplifies desk bookings

Another practical feature is calendar integration. With so many apps and notifications, people tend to lose track of their daily tasks. When the employee’s calendar, including meetings and projects, is integrated with the booking system, they can reserve a desk accordingly. The workday is stressful enough as it is - why not eliminate some of the hassle?

Since the booking is made directly in the app, it can be reserved on the go. Hybrid employees who spend their time at home, in a café, and in the physical office will benefit from this feature. When plans change, they can quickly find out if they have a desk for the day.

Office space for every need

Another useful desk booking feature is an interactive Flowmap that lets people locate co-workers in the office quickly. It means less time wasted on looking for your team members and getting lost in the office landscape.

The flowmap is not only useful for employees but also for visitors. They get a good impression of the company when meetings start on time in a welcoming space. When a desk is occupied, it is marked with a green light.

In addition to the app, a desk screen is a great extra feature. Why not add one by the entrance on each floor? It functions as a practical dashboard where vacant desks are visually displayed.

Collect occupancy data

The desk booking software is not only useful for employees but also for office and space managers who want to collect occupancy data. The movement in the building is tracked daily, and workplace analytics provide valuable insights into space utilization.

Data can be compared historically, which is helpful when forming new strategies. Can any of the rooms be repurposed, or does the company have to acquire more real estate? Data-driven decisions reduce inaccurate guesswork.

Employee productivity and satisfaction takes center stage

Desk management software is highly beneficial when you want office operations and business projects to run smoothly. It allows people to collaborate in the office and helps remote workers communicate with their colleagues. It is everything a modern workplace needs to spark growth today and tomorrow.

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