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Flowscape provides solutions that support your hybrid workplace from start to finish.

A safe and smart reopening of your office

Whether your employees work fully remote, full time in office or anything in between, Flowscape provides solutions that support your hybrid workplace from start to finish. We know that everyone wants to return to an office - but let’s make it a smart and safe office. Discover the complete FLOW experience, A smart office solution for Proptech visionaries.

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With Flowscapes Return to office solutions, you will be able to

  • Control office density and make sure your office never surpasses its maximum capacity.
  • Allow employees to plan their office attendance based on their colleague’s attendance and bookings.
  • Produce contact tracing reports if illness is reported
  • Restrict specific zones for different team.
  • Produce cleaning reports so cleaning staff can prioritize based on usage.
  • Block desks to ensure social distancing.

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Find out more about the desk booking solution and how it can help you to block, book, clean and monitor desks by downloading the leaflet below.

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Our solution experts will design the optimum solution which not only matches your digital workplace requirements today, but also anticipates the future needs of your business.

Efficient density control

FlowPlanner makes sure your office never exceeds its maximum capacity. Employees simply register attendance using our web application, together with the opportunity to also book a workspace. When maximum capacity is reached for a certain day, the Flowmap will redirect employees to register attendance for another day. A list of office attendees can be accessed by a security manager if a crisis should occur.  

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Team Planning for hybrid workplaces

Flowscapes FlowPlanner also allows employees to plan their trips to the office based on the attendance of their team members. Employees simply add their colleagues to their “selected colleagues list”, which enables them to directly view their future attendance. Employees can easily book spaces in close proximity to one another which makes team collaboration both effective and easy.

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Access control​

We can integrate Flowscape’s system to your access control system. You could then limit access only to employees that have booked a desk or room and have also completed a health self-declaration.

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Produce contact tracing reports

If an employee reports illness, the analytics portal can be used to generate a contact tracing report by locating which desk the employee used over specific days, and then searching which employees sat at the close-by desks, so they can be informed and prevented from working in the office for a specific period. The administrator can also block the employee from being able to book a desk for these days.  

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Restrict or allow access

Flowscape allows you to create multiple teams/departments that can be governed by different booking rules. Choose freely who can access which part of the office, and guarantee seating for all of your departments without interfering with their day-to-day work.

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Cleaning Reports

Flowscapes analytics portal produce up-to-date cleaning reports over all used resources during a day, so your cleaning staff can prioritize cleaning. The staff can be directly alerted when a resource booking has ended and be directed to the room for cleaning. This also makes sure that your office can be up to date with covid-19 regulations.

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Advanced analytics

In the analytics portal, you can view a dashboard of booked desk statistics in a monthly, weekly, and daily view. You can use the data to monitor the pace of the back-to-the-office transition. If some employees are wary about returning to the office, the data can be helpful to engender a feeling of safety about the degree to which social distancing is being implemented in each building, or by floor or zone.

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Our 3D map displays all office resources with clear color indication. Flowscape is the acknowledged market leader in terms of quality, user friendliness, adaptability, and function.

Automatic Check-in

Employees are automatically checked-in to their booked resource - and resources are automatically released after a no-show. Check out our Desk Dongle.

Flexible Bookings

Office Resources can be booked directly or in advance with just a few clicks. The system is flexible, and you can decide how long in advance a desk can be booked or only allow bookings made upon arrival.


The built-in wayfinder in the mobile app and Kiosk Screen shows the most optimal route to all office resources. Personal bookings can be easily accessed through "My Bookings" in the Flowscape app.

Fault Reporting

Employees can send fault reports to property managers, cleaning staff or IT support directly via the app.

Colleague Finder

View colleagues desk bookings to book resources close to them with Flowscape's built-in colleague finder.

Efficient density control

Makes sure your office never exceeds its maximum capacity. Employees register office attendance in the app with the option to deny access to others when maximum capacity is reached.

Covid-19 safety measures

Administrators can create contact tracing reports if illness is registered and up-to-date cleaning reports. Read more here.

End to end solution

We provide a complete solution with software and hardware to make your smart office dreams possible, provided by a global delivery capability. Check out our product offerings and software solutions.

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