Feb 22, 2022

Flowscape receives new order for hybrid office solution

Picture of the hallway outside a spacious conference room with modern design.

A large global customer continues to roll out Flowscape's systems in a global scale. The order is for preparing some of their offices for the planned return. The customer will use
Flowscape's world-leading solution for the new
hybrid way of working. The order value is 495,000 SEK (52,400 USD)

“We are very pleased to support this strategic customer in their transition to the new hybrid way of working. Employees will be able to plan their week at the office using our FlowPlanner. The teams and project groups can easily get an overview on when their colleagues will be at the office and book workplaces next to each other via the 3D map. It is also possible to dedicate specific desks or areas to certain teams or units at the office. At the same time, the system will also ensure that the number of people in the office does not exceed maximum levels or the fire regulations.

When the customer plan to adapt their offices to the new way of working,  Flowscape's analytics tool will provide invaluable information of office usage. The year 2022 will be very exciting when the whole world simultaneously will transform to the new hybrid way of working.” says Peter Reigo, CEO and founder.

The customer is one of the world's 300 largest companies with over 100,000 employees globally. Flowscape's system is already available today in 150 of the customer’s offices and the customer continues with this order to roll out the solution to additional offices. The plan is to open up the offices soon and let the staff come back. When that happens, the customer will need to increase the number of software licenses, which means additional orders.