Sep 20, 2022

Flowscape wins large order in Canada

hot desks can improve workplace cleanliness and encourage workers to think less. Minimalists do not keep photos and clutter on their desks, leading to a cleaner co-shared office space.

A large Canadian company places an order for Flowscape's solution for the hybrid way of working covering 20 of its offices in Canada. The total order value for the first year is 75,000 USD (SEK 810,000) and thereafter 57,000 USD (620,000 SEK) annually recurring

"We see a great demand for solutions for the hybrid way of working in both Canada and the US. This customer, with its large installation, will be a very strong reference in the Canadian market. Key requirements was a solution that provides accurate statistics of office utilisation as well as a tool for the staff to plan when to work at the office. Customer requirement also including hot desking solution that meets the company's rules for managing flows and bookings at the office. We look forward to a successful strategic collaboration, where we can also help the customer solve several of their challenges." says Magnus Arildsson, Head of North America, Flowscape

The client is a Canadian consulting company with a large number of offices both in Canada and the United States. The delivery includes hot desking and FlowPlanner to help the staff plan the week together in the office as well as room panels and USB sensors for automatic check-in workplaces. The staff will have access to the solution via Flowscape's modern user-friendly mobile app and web application.

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