Apr 13, 2022

Flowscape wins another deal for a hybrid office in Australia

Woman using the Wayfinding app to easier find her way to the booked conference room in her office

An existing customer is now choosing to expand their Flowscape installation to another office in Australia. The solution has been used for several years to manage their hot desking offices and now Flowscape's solution for the hybrid way of working is requested as well as extensive analysis of how the office is used. The order value in the first year is EUR 56,000 (570,000 SEK) and thereafter EUR 17,000 (180,000 SEK) annually.

“For several years now, we have had a very good collaboration with this customer. Now when rebuilding their office in Perth, Australia, they want Flowscape's solution to make the new hybrid way of working efficient. But they also like to measure how the office is used, so they can continue to optimize it. The customer has thanked us for helping them create a safe workplace during the pandemic. Now we are looking forward to help them make the new hybrid way of working efficient and to create an office that the employees love to be in, but in the same time optimized from an environmental and financial point of view.” says Peter Reigo, CEO and founder of Flowscape.

The customer already has large Flowscape installations in Sydney and Brisbane. The new installation in Perth includes Flowscape's solutions for Room Displays, Room Booking, Desk Booking, Sensors in Meeting Rooms, Automatic Desk Check-in for workplaces, Busy Light and an Analytics Portal with graphs for how the office is used.

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